Eli Guerron Fung is a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative director for different types of media, including feature films, commercial enterprises, print, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) for emerging technologies and Interactive Installations.

With more than 14 years of experience, Eli started at a very young age, fueled by his passion for classic design (Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Ray and Charles Eames, Rowena Reed, Dieter Rams, etc.), which later combined with the acquired love for mathematics and computer science. He saw both of these art forms blended in the visual effects industry. Eli has worked on numerous films, trailers, and television projects such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Journey 2: the Lost Island, Robocop, IronMan 3, Carrie, Orphan Black, Joss Whedon’s first feature Serenity, video games, and video game cinematic and commercials. Working closely with directors to collaboratively achieve their vision, his line of work was quickly recognized in the form of many awards and publications, MOMA, Clio, ADC, The Art of the Title, abduzeedo, Behance, Motionographer, and Stash media. Eli’s personal projects and studies in the field of dynamic simulations also landed him a 2-year in row appearance in SideFX’s Houdini’s reel along with industry giants such as Pixar, Dreamworks, Blue Sky, and many more.

After being exposed to some of the best artist and directors in the industry, Eli Guerron decides to make a disruption with his own style and learned narrative; he created a Short film called “it gets better,” inspired by the massive suicides of LGBT teenage victims of bullying. The film quickly rose with stupendous attention, being featured on many design blogs, short film festivals and currently being on display in different galleries around the world, including a Vimeo Staff Pick. These events led Eli to receive Invitations and Honorable mentions in Festivals (mainly in Europe) for the simplicity of the film in being able to reach and touch so many people with its distinctive visuals. Also giving back to the community, Eli Guerron has collaborated with and spoken at design conference,s and also consistently mentors new and upcoming talent around the world. This work has led him to work with many nonprofit organizations, especially in South America, on ways to improve the existing education and medical systems through design and technology.

Much of his research in the field of computer graphics and UX design has caught the Attention of the Microsoft Incubation team, who offered Eli a position as a Senior Visual Designer in charge of prototyping, visual, and technical development for user experiences in the, at the time, highly secret Project Hololens. Eli’s multifaceted skills and passion for sharing also led him to join the prestigious Microsoft’s University as a faculty member for incubation projects, called Platform Next University. After a year in Microsoft, Eli decided to continue his research in South America in the fields of computer graphics and UX design, but now in the medical field, fueled by his passion for using technology and design to improve the life of native communities without regular access to medical attention.

Eli continues to work on design, direction, and interactive installations and experiences for major brands and events, with his latest project being Nike+ The Opening for Nike Football. One of the brand’s latest and most ambitious installations, where he served as both Lead Designer and Technical Director, The project has been described by the critics and athletes as one of the most immersive sports installations ever experienced.

Through his many career roles, Eli still fuels his passion for math, art, and computer science through constant participation in workshops and talks in high schools and colleges in the US and South America.


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