Microsoft Hololens



Role: Senior Visual Designer - UI / UX.

Studio: Microsoft Technology Incubation Team

Software: Maya, Houdini, Unity, Python, Illustrator, Photoshop.



During my tenure at Microsoft in 2014, I worked as a Senior Visual Designer and Technical Artist to solve complex visual and technical problems for different elements in the Windows Holographic Experience. The variety of problems required solutions that ranged from scripting and rapid prototyping all the way to design and animation. Working closely with developers and other designers, I created visual explorations and motion exercises that also had a technical start point, making them easy to implement down the line. I was also in charge of creating low-fi sketches all the way to polished and carefully crafted motion and design studies. Driven by curiosity and teamwork, I would also gather information from other teams like hardware and UX research to create custom templates that designers could use all the way across the org.

I worked on the Windows native communication App, Skype, at the time named "HoloSkype" guided towards instructional, collaborative and social scenarios. Working on a human communication app was very important for me since I do feel technology should enable people, and connecting people in the way this app was going to do, was not only revolutionary and empowering but also highly sophisticated technically and artistically.


RSR Realtime Surface Reconstruction Feedback


Skpe App Cube Hologram Visual Exploration


Realtime Shader and Look Development




Holographic Music and Concerts



Video Card Behavior and Implementation



Video Card Visual Development and UI Design