Oculus Quest. Visual Design / UI / UX / Interactions.

(Case Study Coming soon at project launch)

Year: 2017

Role: Visual Explorations for UI / UX / Interactions

Company: Facebook / Oculus

Tools: Sketch, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, Maya, Houdini.


Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest represents a fantastic breakthrough in VR and my career. Being the first 6DoF Oculus headset, The Oculus Quest unlocks the freedom of 6DoF natively untethered and the already loved by many, touch controllers with positional tracking. Games and experiences are an entirely new experience with the freedom of no cables attached to the headset or the controllers.

I have been incredibly lucky to collaborate with some of the smartest and most committed people in the industry. Working in crucial features like safety and spatial interfaces along with John Carmack and Michael Abrash has been an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity that made me humble and only ignited my commitment to help in the journey of spatial computing.

The Oculus Quest also represents a small step towards AR headsets. As Michael Abrash talked in his predictions in VR an AR the technology is only going to advance to let us finesse on the form factor of the Headsets that will improve in the two main constraints that, if developed, will make AR headset part of our everyday lives; Comfortability and Social Awkwardness.

Feel free to come to visit this section of my site soon, as I will have another case study of the features I worked on as my way to share the knowledge and inspire other people that might be interested in Spatial Computing.